About me

(From the second edition of 24 Hour Business Camp. Photo by Paula.)

Contact me using the address erik at erikstarck dot com, find me on Twitter or call me +46734-168133.

This is what I do

I’m a startup coach at the Malmö Startup Studio. I also run the monthly event Startup Dojo in Malmö together with a team of brilliant co-hosts. I’m also the host of the online video show Hackernytt TV, a Swedish talkshow about startups. I write a book about how to find startup ideas.

My Career

My complete resume can be found at LinkedIn.

My Blogs

  • Opportunity Cloud, agile business development and my life as a startup entrepreneur (mostly Swedish, sometimes English).
  • Skiften.se (Swedish group blog about major shifts in society).
  • Softwaresweden (English, about building software and managing software projects.)
  • Framtidstanken (Swedish, about the impact of accelerating change on society).
  • The Mobile Web Tablet (English, about the mobile web revolution).
  • GlocalReach (English, company blog for GlocalReach).
  • Sweden 100 (English, tracking the Swedish startup-o-sphere).

Me On Stage

  • I was part of a panel about the future business models of Telecom at the Framtiden Idag-conference in Stockholm, October 2010.
  • I hosted the Startup Weekend Stockholm unconference in April 2010.
  • I hosted the first Mobile Pitch session in April 2010.
  • I hosted a session about the School of the future in September 2009.

My Photos

By Me Elsewhere

I wrote a report on the future of politics for the thinktank Eudoxa: Den nya politiken – guide till 2000-talets politiska utmaningar

I wrote a short article for the first issue of Magasinet Neo.

About Me Elsewhere

Ekonominyheterna.se interviewed me about my report on the future of politics.

My blog was mentioned a couple of times in national radioshow SR P1s Bloggkrönikan:

I was interviewed for the magazine Impuls (number 3 / 2007) about my blog and blogging in general.

I was in an ad for leadership for MAH.

An article in Östgöta-alliansen about my blog and my report.

Academic Achievements

  • 1999: 160P Masters degree in Software Engineering from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola.
  • 2003: 20P Omvärldsanalys, Malmö University
  • 2004: 40P Masters degree in Entrepreneurship, Malmö University. (Master thesis not finished yet.)

A billion times?

Sure. Why settle for less?

Oh, one more thing. I spell it Starck, not Stark.

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